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King of Writing

I have never read a Stephen King novel. My daughter was a fan of his from her early teenage years and I once attempted to read one of his books but found it so gross I gave up after the first few pages. So it has taken me years to get around to buying his book On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft, a book that seems to have only positive reviews, whatever the “genre” of the writing of the reviewer. It was a page turner, and I can only add another positive review. I thought I would find the 2nd part, “On Writing” more interesting than the 1st part, which was more of a memoir. But both parts were equally enjoyable and instructive. From knowing nothing about this author, I now feel I know him quite well (!), and what’s more, I like him! Even in the memoir part, his anecdotes often lead to gems about the process of writing. His glimpses into why he wrote various of his books and where he got his ideas from confirmed for me that his novels are not for me, but also that the genre one writes in has little to do with one’s brilliance at writing (and explaining how it happens). That is, of course, if “one” is Stephen King!
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