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Summer writing plans

Before Christmas I am determined to complete a good draft of a chapter for my book Trouble In Mind titled “The Singer or the Song?” about a young woman with temporal lobe epilepsy who had to make a very difficult decision – whether to risk losing her ability to learn new songs or even her ability to sing, by undergoing a neurosurgical operation that could cure her debilitating epileptic seizures. After that I will only have one more chapter of 14 to write! Over summer, in between making sandcastles with the grandchildren, I’ll re-read the chapters I’ve written (again) and polish them (again). I actually like revising and editing, but the problem is that every reading shows up more sentences that could be clearer, and more instances where the same tedious word is used too often. There comes a time when revision becomes obsession, so I use deadlines to force myself to finish it and send it off!
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