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Writing - the best laid plans...

My writing plans for the holiday season did not quite happen; I think I have lost the skill of writing – or even editing -- with noise and children everywhere. I must have been able to do it once when I was the mother and not the grandmother, and couldn’t “give the children back!” But I can write anytime – almost – but I only see my grandchildren occasionally and each time they have grown up even more, and each year they are even more passionate about books! So pleasing, and not an e-book reader in sight. Grandchildren or writing; it’s a no-brainer really. But I’m back into the writing now. Over Christmas I did manage to read The Web-Savvy Writer by Patrice-Anne Rutledge, with the aim of learning more about how to optimize my website, write blogs and more… I have even tried out a few of the suggestions, some successfully and others –well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It will be a handy manual. And news arrived from my agent, April Eberhardt. She has left Kimberley Cameron & Associates to venture out on her own. Her new agency, April Eberhardt Literary, will have a focus on women’s fiction. She’ll continue to represent client works in traditional ways to traditional publishers, and will also be forming her own publishing house to publish quieter yet eminently worthy works that the mainstream press won’t take a risk on. It is very exciting and I wish her all good things, especially as I am still one of her clients!
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