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'Trouble In Mind' Australia Happenings

Australian Cover
With the Australian edition of my book out, it is exciting to read nice reviews in the major newspapers, and to have the opportunity to talk with Australian radio hosts. Here's the Sydney Sunday Herald review.
Trouble in Mind
Jenni Ogden
(Scribe, $29.95)

If you loved reading
the case histories
of Oliver Sacks, you’ll be similarly
engrossed by the tales told by
neuropsychologist Jenni Ogden.
The book explores 15 accounts of
brain injuries and disorders Ogden
came across during her hospital
rounds. Patients include a man who
has trouble speaking but can still
sing his favourite blues song, a
woman with a ‘‘left visual field
defect’’ who can only see the right
side of everything and another who
feels dissociated from his body. A
fascinating insight into what can
happen after trauma to ‘‘that
squishy grey organ inside our skulls’’. Thuy On
AUGUST 11, 2013

Also similar reviews in THE AGE, MELBOURNE, and CANBERRA TIMES

I've also enjoyed live radio chats with Barry Nichols on ABC West Australia's ‘Regional Drive’ , and with popular radio personality Eoin Cameron on ABC Perth's ‘Breakfast’ show. More radio interviews to come. Listen to Eoin Cameron’s interesting discussion about his own reactions to a concussion he suffered last year, and the emergency brain surgery he had to have weeks later when a brain clot slowly developed. The good news is that he made a full recovery. But a cautionary tale indeed. If you have a significant knock to the head, get it checked out!
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