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Newsflash! The Rest Of Her Life.

Yah! My first novel will be published in April, 2016, by US Publisher, She Writes Press. Its working title is THE REST OF HER LIFE and here is a preview of the book description.

A novel about love, sea turtles, and an unthinkable choice

Too young to retire and too old for a career change. That’s the conundrum that faces Anna Fergusson—Boston neuroscientist and dedicated introvert—when on her forty-ninth birthday her Huntington's Disease research funding is ripped from under her. Will renting a cabin for a year on a coral island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef give her the space to decide what comes next? Turtle Island—alive with sea birds, nesting Green turtles, and eccentric islanders—is a world of its own, and Anna is enchanted. Here she finds a family, and the motivation to mend her relationship with her mother when she reluctantly journeys to Unst in Shetland, the island on the far side of the world that has captured her mother's heart. But back on her own idyllic drop in the ocean Anna discovers there is still pain, and as the months fly past, her dream for a new life is threatened by a darkness that challenges everything she has come to believe about the power of love.

Evocative and thought-provoking, The Rest Of Her Life brings home the potent message that it is never too late to embrace life’s second chances.

Publisher: She Writes Press, USA. Publication date: April, 2016
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