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It's over! Another sale soon.... 99 Cent E-Book Sale On Now!

Greetings from the winter at the bottom of the world!


The E-Book of A Drop in the Ocean is discounted to 99 cents until 14th July on Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google Play in US, Canada, UK, Australia, India.


If you live in the Northern Hemisphere then this story is great summer read; if you live in the Southem Hemisphere, then a year on a tropical island with Anna, Tom and some turtles will warm you up!


I would love you to share my advert on your own social media. Go here to my FB page  for a jpeg image you can share, and if you have read and enjoyed the book, do please add a comment of your own. Nothing beats word of mouth from a friend to sell a book. 


If you are a Twitterer, click on this link to go to a Tweet with image I have posted, and retweet it! Thank you.  Or forward this to your book-loving, sale-loving e-book reading friends. So far it has sold over 70,000 copies and has 2473 Goodreads ratings, (ave 4.18), and 457 Amazon Reviews (ave 4.5). And if you want to make me very happy down here in the cold, please do add your own review or rating to Amazon or Goodreads or other bookish sites, and click here to sign up to my monthy Off-Grid e-newsletter.


(Note: The link in my Tweet is to the e-book on Amazon US, but feel free to delete that, or add a link to another e-book site in another country)


Many, many thanks,


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Brief Moment in Bestseller Spotlight!

Currently (until 13th November) there is a 99 cent e-book sale for "A Drop in the Ocean" and it is always fun to check out the sales ranks on Amazon while a sale is taking place, especially when the e-mail is sent out just once by a large book promotion organisation to hundreds of thousands of keen readers. Especially if one's book hits the Bestseller list (meaning in the top 10 of all paid Kindle books in a particular country; ie: in US in the top 10 paid Kindle books of 5 or 6 million+ books, but probably more like 3 million in Australia or Canada; no one knows the true figures which are increasing apparently by about a million + books per year). As a result of this single promotional e-mail, "A Drop in the Ocean" made it to Bestseller in both Canada (#6) and Australia (#4), in both cases for a whole two days! Also in its categories (Literary fiction, Women's fiction, Contemporary fiction) it got to #1 or #2, and got into the #2 slot for Kobo in Canada as well.  Read More 
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