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ISBN(13) 978-1-63152-026-6

US Distributor
Ingram Publisher Services.

Brooke Warner
She Writes Press,
Divisions of SparkPoint Studio, LLC
She Writes and She Writes Press Headquarters
1563 Solano Avenue #546 | Berkeley, California | 94707 | United States

NZ Distributor
Nationwide Book Distributors
351 Kiri Kiri Rd, Oxford,North Canterbury 7495
PO Box 65 Oxford, North Canterbury 7443
Phone: +64 3 312 1603
Fax: +64 3 312 1604

For enquiries about Fractured Minds and the US edition of Trouble In Mind contact my publisher, Oxford University Press, New York (

or for the Australian edition of Trouble In Mind contact Scribe Publications, Melbourne, Australia (