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Welcome! Kia ora!
I write stories. My NON-FICTION books take their inspiration from my career as a neuropsychologist, and they are written for the general reader with an interest in case studies of people who suffer from neurological disorders, as well as professionals in the field. Ann Hood, the bestselling author of novels The Knitting Circle and The Obituary Writer wrote "Like Oliver Sacks in The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, Jenni Ogden creates characters who come to life like those in our favorite fiction, and shares with us the fascinating peculiarities of their brains."

My debut NOVEL , A Drop In The Ocean, was published in May 2016, by She Writes Press and has gone on to win multiple writing awards and has sold over 66,000 copies. It is a story about love, sea turtles and an unthinkable choice. Of course it draws a little on some of my own experiences, as a turtle tagger—in my youth—on a tropical island on the Great Barrier Reef, and also on the medical (and neurological) issues that become increasingly common as mid-life creeps up on us. Women (40+) who love stories about relationships and mid-life transformation will enjoy it, especially women who appreciate novels that delve into deeper issues—issues that lead us to questions about the sacrifices we must sometimes make if we truly love someone; the hard lesson that love is about letting go. The sort of book that readers' groups like to read and discuss.

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