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December 20, 2017

Christmas at Whare Kotare, Dark Sky Sanctuary outside (or will be when it gets dark).
Happy Festive Season From Another Drop in the Ocean

Great Barrier Island is a sightly bigger drop than the mythical Turtle Island of my novel, or the real Heron Island it was based upon, but it is a drop never-the-less. And now, this year, it has become an official Dark Sky Sanctuary, so we must all make sure to go out on the beach at night and revel in it.

No-one wants to read random newsletters at this time of the year; there are quite enough Christmas letters from friends and family to enjoy. So I will be strong and curb my two fingered typing of trivia and say what is important. Which is: thank you for sticking with me this year, thank you for joining up, and thank you for reading books, any books, all books.

If any of you really wants desperately to read my thoughts about how to make Christmas/New Year/Hanukkah/Chinese New Year/ whatever festivals you celebrate with friends and family less stressful, you can read the Psychology Today—blessedly short—blog I just posted. Now I have to try and take my own advice. (My family would laugh so hard at that we’d all be under the table in stitches. But I am safe in knowing they won’t read it, or this newsletter probably!)

So here’s raising a glass to you and yours for a small island of calm and happiness and fewer hours on devices over the festive season, and please oh please many fewer international political madnesses and environmental disasters in 2018 than we have just lived through.

Who cares?

Book Review
I have read so many books lately to encourage procrastination over all the other stressful things I should be doing that I’ve had not a tiny second to write all the reviews. So you are free to read whatever you like!

My latest Psychology Today blog post

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