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Upmarket Women's Fiction
For the general reader and beginning student.
An engaging introductory text of vivid case studies accompanied by clear descriptions of neuropsychological disorders.
Twenty articles & chapters on a range of neuropsychological topics

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A Request from Jenni!

June 16, 2016

Kia ora friends,

The first few heady weeks after pub date for “A Drop in the Ocean” are past, and now it is a matter of keeping up the long hard slog to keep those books being sold! The most imprtant part of this at this point is increasing the number of reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, so if you have read it, or intend to, and then if you enjoy it, please do write a review. Amazon is the site where reviews have the most power, but Goodreads is great too (and you can put a review on both, or on any other sites you frequent). An essay isn’t required(!) just a sentence or two with your honest thoughts, and a rating. It can be anonymous! And thank you so much to those of you who have already posted a review!

Below are direct links to the book on US Amazon and UK Amazon (US and UK Amazon are separate and if you were really hard uo for stuff to do you could post your review on both Amazon sites!) and on Goodreads. On Amazon, just scroll down until you see the box “Write a customer review”. You can write a review even if you got the book from somewhere other than Amazon. I think you have to be a member of Goodreads (great site for keen readers) to post a review. There you click on “Read”or “Want to Read” under the cover picture, and it gives you an option to review.

Many thanks for considering it!

Amazon US A Drop in the Ocean

Amazon UK A Drop in the Ocean

Goodreads A Drop in the Ocean