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Upmarket Women's Fiction
For the general reader and beginning student.
An engaging introductory text of vivid case studies accompanied by clear descriptions of neuropsychological disorders.
Twenty articles & chapters on a range of neuropsychological topics

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January 25, 2016

Tags: writing, A Drop in the Ocean

In the last week or so A DROP IN THE OCEAN has been getting many great reviews on Netgalley and two more humbling endorsements from two of my most favourite authors, Robin Black and Barbara Claypole White. I have of course added them to my other endorsements from generous authors under Reviews, but wanted to share NOW! These authors take so much time to first read and then write an endorsement when they are all completely overloaded themselves with deadlines for their current book and all the marketing stuff that f goes with it (apart from their normal lives...) And I added the final sentences of a review from "For The Love of Books" (one of the many Netgalley book reviewers) because I really love it!

"This is a quietly majestic book, taking on quests for identity, for connection, for love, for self - always with dignity and with an impressive breadth of understanding. Like the turtles whose lives and habits are tracked in these pages, the characters at the heart of A Drop In The Ocean move gently but with enormous consequence. Here is a book to lose oneself in - and then share, enthusiastically, right away."
—Robin Black, bestselling author of Life Drawing and Crash Course: 52 Essays From Where Writing and Life Collide.

"A novel about turtles, the fragility of life, and the complexity of love, A Drop in the Ocean will transport you to remote islands with its lyrical natural imagery. This is a story to savor, discuss, and share.”
—Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of The Perfect Son

"I fell in love with the island and with Tom myself, but those turtles. Oh, those turtles, I wanted to quit my day job and head to Australia to do everything I could to protect those magnificent, wise creatures.”
—For the Love of Books